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*Note 1: All presentations are in person.

*Note 2: Lab visits have a maximum capacity of 10 at a time. To register for a specific time, enter your name in the following spreadsheet: Lab Visit Registration

May 18, 2023

Lab Visits (Afternoon)

(ENB – Engineering Bldg “B”, ENG – Engineering Bldg “G”, IDR – Interdisciplinary Research Bldg)

  • Biorobotics Lab, ENG122B (Weitzenfeld). Website:, Map:
  • CARRT, ENG19A – Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation & Robotics Technologies (Alqasemi, Dubey)
  • RPAL – Robot Perception and Action Lab, ENB223 (Sun)
  • REED/CAREN – Rehabilitation Engineering and Electromechanical Design Lab, IDR 114 (Reed)
TimeLabMax CapacityContact
1:00pm-2:00pmBiorobotics10Chance Hamilton,
Sahil Gazula,
2:00pm-3:00pmCARRT10Tian Tan,
Urvish Trivedi,
3:00pm-4:00pmRPAL10Juan Vilches,
Tianze Chen,
Md. Sadman Sakib,
4:00pm-5:00pmREED/CAREN10Scott Bartlett,
Adila Hoque,

May 19, 2023

Main Conference (MSC 3707 – Marshall Student Center) (All Day)

9:15am-10:00amKeynote (Yu Sun)
10:00am-12:00pm6 full papers (15+5 min each) (See below)
12:00pm-1:15pmLunch (Self Paid)
1:15am-2:00pmKeynote (Redwan Alqasemi) 
2:00pm-3:00pm3 full papers (15+5 min each) (See below)
3:00pm-3:30pm2 short papers (10+5 min each) (See below)
3:30pm-4:00pm3 extended abstracts (5+5 min each) (See below)
4:00pm-4:10pmIEEE-RAS FWCS
4:10pm-5:00pmFCRAR Organization Meeting

Morning PapersPresenterPaper Title
10:00am-10:20amLucja StawikowskaFlexible Magnetic Skin Sensor Array for Torsion Perception
10:20am-10:40amCameron RyalsDesign, Fabrication, and Verification of a Robot Leg for Multimodal Locomotion
10:40am-11:00amDaniel GriesslerComparing probabilistic planning success on three types of robots: wheeled, legged, and underwater
11:00am-11:20amAtul AcharyaProgramming by demonstration using learning based approach: A Mini review
11:20am-11:40amZach HinnenBiologically Inspired Multi-Robot System based on Wolf Hunting Behavior
11:40am-12:00pmChance HamiltonReinforcement Learning and Place Cell Replay in Spatial Navigation

Afternoon PapersPresenterPaper Title
2:00pm-2:20pmAmanda SergerAssistive Robotic Platform for Non_Urgent Household Tasks: A New Design
2:20pm-2:40pmRoman Khayat,
Jacob Rasure
Towards a Mobile Ad-Hoc Mesh Network Establishing Emergency Drone System
2:40pm-3:00pmAustin LawsonRenewable Energy Educational Delivery System
3:00pm-3:15pmRomaine ByfieldDamage identification in 3D printed metal parts using deep learning
3:15pm-3:30pmZachary FreyLive Audiovisual Remote Assistance System (LARAS) for Person with Visual Impairments
3:30pm-3:40pmAditya RameshImplementation of Cellular Neural Network
3:40pm-3:50pmTianze ChenMulti-Object Grasping — Stochastic Grasping from a Pile
3:50pm-4:00pmJuan WilchesRobot Learning to Pour Solid Objects Accurately

May 20, 2023

Robot Competitions & Demos (MSC 2100A – Marshall Student Center) (Morning)

9:00am-11:00amMicromouse Competition (Virtual World)Chance Hamilton,
Sahil Gazula,
11:00am-11:30amBiorobotics Robot DemosChance Hamilton,
Sahil Gazula,
11:30am-12:00pmSTEM Robot Outreach DemosRyan Integlia,
Austin Lawson,